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18th July 2022

Importance of Investing in Corporate Clothing and Gifts

Importance of Investing in Corporate Clothing and Gifts

18th July 2022

Remington Supplies Brand AwarenessThe number one reason why investing in Corporate Clothing and Gifts as an organization or company is important is that is gives a considerable boost towards building awareness for your brand.

Brand Awareness: the extent to which consumers are familiar with the qualities or image of a particular brand of goods or service!

Why is Brand Awareness Important?

  • Building and Creating Trust
  • Association
  • It builds brand equity which can lead to
    • Higher prices due to the value of the product or item being regarded as higher
    • Higher stock or share pricing
    • Product expansion which can lead to business growth
    • Better public impression and reputation

Unified Staff Compliment and Team Unity

Corporate Wear & Uniforms play a significant role in terms of unifying the staff and creating that team atmosphere. It promotes employee bonding. It also further delivers that message of equality amongst the staff, showing a without prejudice culture

How does Team Unity Help the Business?

  • Increasing Strength of the Staff Compliment
  • Promotion and creation of healthy and positive work environment
  • It promotes assistance, help and guidance amongst staff members thereby increasing efficiency and results as well as productivity

Enhancing Professionalism

The concepts of professionalism, profession, and professionalization have received considerable and sometimes critical attention in sociology.

Corporate clothing not only enhances the collaboration between employees, but delivers a sense of professionalism throughout as well. This sends a strong message to potential investors, not only clients.

What is professionalism you may ask?

  • Behaviours that display the respect of colleagues, peers, competitors and clients and encourage people to associate themselves with you
  • Reliability, accountability, integrity, competency and mindfulness all the whilst operating honestly and ethically
  • The ability to maintain composure despite challenges
  • Building alliances and relationships that assist with skills development


The interaction or cooperation of two or more substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.  Due to the popularity of online stores and ecommerce trading, many customers fail to make the link between the in-person shop and online platform.

How do I Invest in Corporate Clothing and Gifts in South Africa?

Contact Remington Supplies! We not only supply the gear, but can assist with customized branding as well. We stock a wide range or promotional products and items!

These can be viewed by visiting one of our on-line store or pages hereunder:

Facebook - Remington Supplies | Facebook

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Website - About Remington Supplies | Remington Supplies

OR Contact us on

Tel: 010 020 6778

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